Symposium  /  7.5.2011  -  13.5.2011

Fourth FEBS Advanced Lecture Course

Human Fungal Pathogens: Molecular Mechanisms of Host-Pathogen Interactions and Virulence

The course has been designed to provide the students with both an overview of the current knowledge and an update on the most recent advancements in several fields that encompass most of the molecular research conducted on fungal pathogens. The following topics will be covered in main symposia: comparative and evolutionary genomics, signalling and morphogenesis, mating, host-fungus interactions, cell wall dynamics and antifungal resistance and development. These symposia will be mirrored by workshops and poster sessions providing the participants with the opportunity to present their results.

Key-note lecture:
Gordon Brown »PRRs, immune cells and fungal-host interactions«

»Pathogenic fungi – genomics, evolution and epidemiology«, Chair: John Taylor

»Sensing and interacting with the host and microbial environment«, Chair: Fritz Mühlschlegel

»Antifungal strategies and mechanisms of resistance«, Chair: Jean-Paul Latgé

“Host defense mechanisms and fungal attack«
Chair: Mihai Netea

»Systems biology in pathogenesis« Chair: Ken Haynes

Closing lecture:
Barbara Howlett "Plant-fungal interactions"