Spectrum of services – Research on behalf of industry and the public sector

Fraunhofer IGB is an expert research and development (R&D) partner for customers from industry and public authorities. In our busines fields we develop, realize and optimize processes, products and plants as well as new technologies – from basic research to applications in laboratory, technical, and pilot plant scale – including analysis, testing and demonstration.

Customers benefit from the constructive interplay of the various disciplines at our institute which opens up new approaches and system solutions for compex tasks. We also provide patent and market surveys, feasibility studies and comprehensive consultancy in our areas of expertise as well as information on available sources of funding.

Business areas

Technological competencies: Departments and institute branches

New processes, products and technologies

Improving or developing products and processes  

Innovation often means that an existing product needs to be improved, e.g. in the functionality, performance or profitability. That is where Fraunhofer IGB comes in: Optimizing existing and developing new processes is one of our core business. Whether a process needs to be more cost-effective, environmentally friendly, sustainable or resource efficient. Our researchers hit on the right ideas – and they know how to transform them into products and processes.

Processes and plants up to pilot scale or prototype production

Sometimes a successful job involves more than just a tailor-made solution. Developing an innovative prototype is an important step, but the production process often poses similar levels of complexity and must be developed in tandem with the product. We develop processes and plants together with the customer through laboratory and technical up to pilot scale and demonstrate prototypes and processes on your premises.

Implementing new technologies

Fraunhofer is at the forefront of technological advancements. In cooperation with the affiliated University Institute, we are researching the latest technologies and develop them further. We help you implementing new technologies and realizing their applications in industrial practice.

Acquiring licenses

Fraunhofer carries out contract research for companies, but it also carries out its own independent research in some areas, often with interesting results. This pre-competitive research gives rise to inventions that can be commercially exploited by companies under license.

Analysis, characterization, testing

Development also involves analysis and testing. Fraunhofer IGB has an extensive range of high-quality equipment designed to test components, materials, coatings and processes and to reproducibly demonstrate their levels of functionality, safety and reliability. We also offer contract testing services and issue test reports.

Quality management and assurance

At Fraunhofer IGB, we ensure by established and standardized processes and procedures that the quality of our services and products meet the respective requirements.

Market analysis and innovation consulting services

Fraunhofer IGB carefully monitors technological trends and market developments in our business areas, in our competence fields we are proven experts.

We advise you on technological issues and provide, e.g. in advance of a research collaboration, customized studies to assess the potential or fields of application of a new development:

  • Market surveys and technology analyses
  • Feasibility and profitability studies
  • Life cycle assessment

We also support our customers in finding suitbable R&D funding programs.


Business areas and technological expertise

On the basis of a broad spectrum of technological competencies, we develop products, processes and new technologies in our market-driven business fields  –  to assist you in translating research results directly to industrial implementation.


Technology scale-up and transfer

Research for the market – the transfer of results from application-oriented research into industrial practice is a key-objective of our strategy. A key objective here is the exploitation of technologies and processes developed in-house or jointly with industrial partners, as well as their translation into the industrial dimension and readiness.


Enhancing sustainability of products and manufacturing

Stakeholder Interaction Analyis

The core element for stakeholder interaction analysis is the conversation with the company. During this discussion, all relevant fields of activity, especially economic, ecological and social ones, are examined and investigated for their importance to key stakeholders.