Intelligent Gravimetric Analyser (IGA)

IGA Plot

Method for the determination of adsorption/desorption
isothermal, BET surfaces, pore radius distribution and moisture absorption


The IGA measuring system is an automatic gravimetric analyzer for the determination of adsorption and desorption isotherms of gases and vapours on different materials.

The pressure/gas composition is changed and then kept constant during sorption. The weight change is tracked in real time to predict kinetic parameters and the equilibrium value. The equilibrium values are displayed as isotherms.

Requirements for the test material

  • Most materials can be examined with this method.


IGA: Measuring apparatus.
IGA: Measuring apparatus.

Hiden Isochema; IGA

Technical data / measuring possibilities

Microbalance (max. 1g; resolution 1 microgram)
Multiple gas flow control unit with humidifier
accurate pressure measurement
Recording of adsorption and desorption isotherms of gases, vapours and mixtures
Determination of the BET surface area (>0.2 m2/g)
Determination of moisture absorption and drying time (sorption kinetics)
Determination of the pore radius distribution