Hannover  /  10/06/2015  -  10/08/2015

Biotechnica l Trade fairs

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Hall 9, Booth C34

At Biotechnica presents the Fraunhofer IGB, the applications for which new high-throughput sequencing methods are useful and presents customized bioreactors and incubator systems for in-vitro culture of human tissue.

Next-Generation Diagnostics and Microbiomics

The rapid development of high-throughput sequencing technologies (next-generation sequencing, NGS) has opened up new dimensions in nucleic acid analytics. At Fraunhofer IGB, we use NGS technologies for a wide range of applications such as de-novo sequencing of industrially or medically relevant bacterial and fungal strains, analyses of transcription profiles, identification of relevant genes (e. g. for an early diagnosis of tumor diseases), and screening for biomarkers for diagnosis. Fraunhofer IGB offers you a one-stop shop, from sample preparation to bioinformatics.

Translationszentrum Würzburg

3D in vitro tissue models as test systems for drugs, cosmetics, and chemicals

New drugs, cosmetics, materials and chemicals are required to be tested for quality, safety and efficacy. Using tissue engineering methods, Fraunhofer IGB develops three-dimensional in-vitro test systems, which mimic the complex characteristics of human tissues. A focus is on models of the respiratory and digestive tract as well as on various oncological diseases. As alternative to animal experiments the tissue models can be applied for studies of biological substances, for infection studies and for the development of (oncological) drugs.

Non-destructive method for quantitative analysis of in vitro skin models

For the analysis of effects of new cosmetic substances on in vitro skin models, only a limited number of readouts such as colorimetric assays or histology methods exist. As a potential complementary method, the Würzburg branch of Fraunhofer IGB has developed a non-destructive technology based on impedance spectroscopy. This methods allows a quantitative analysis of in vitro models before and after a treatment and has a sufficient precision to detect transient irritative effects. Currently it is being investigated whether the method is also suited for tissue models of other barrier organs such as cornea and intestine.

Customized bioreactors and incubator systems for in vitro culture of human tissue

In order to provide physiological conditions for the in vitro culture of human tissue, the Translational Center "Regenerative Therapies" designs and manufactures customized bioreactors. These ensure that specific cell and tissue functions are maintained in vitro for extended periods of time. In addition, special computer-controlled incubator systems provide a suitable environment for the supply of the artificial tissue models cultured in bioreactors. The incubators are equipped with various sensors and pumps in order to keep e.g. constant temperature and humidity, or to simulate the blood pressure.

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