Opening event  /  06/21/2016, 10:00 – 14:00 h

Inauguration of High-Pressure Pilot Plant and Colloquium “Current and Future Applications of High-Pressure Technologies in the Food Industry”

Currently, beverages are commonly preserved by thermal processes. But especially during heat sterilization not only microorganisms are killed. By heat, nutritionally valuable ingredients such as vitamins or proteins are also destroyed as well, impairing taste and color.

In recent years, Fraunhofer IGB developed a method based on pressure change technology (PCT), also known as "cold pasteurization", as a promising alternative to the thermal or chemical preservation of beverages. By now, the procedure is ready for application.

For further research under hygienic conditions a PCT pilot plant was built with a capacity of 4 liters per minute in a class E cleanroom that is now in operation at Fraunhofer IGB.

The facilitiy can be used by customers and partners of the institute for application studies with fruit an vegetable juices, wine, cider, dairy products, plant extracts and suspensions containing active substances (such as cosmetic and pharmaceutical preparations).

We are opening our new PCT pilot plant with the 1st colloquium „Current and Future Applications of High Pressure Technologies in the Food Industry", in which we present current results and future possibilities of high-pressure techniques, and a subsequent visit to the installation on June 21st 2016.