in-cosmetics events are launch pads for innovation in ingredients and technologies, delivering high-level education and consumer insights for formulators, R&D and regulatory professionals.

Fraunhofer IGB offers a broad spectrum of R&D services along the entire value chain. We look forward to your visit at the Fraunhofer booth EE19.

Our services for cosmetics industry

  • Product-friendly extraction of pigments, antioxidants, proteins and peptides from algae, plants, biogenic residues
  • Stabilization and preservation of cosmetics and herbal extracts
  • Manufacturing of active ingredient formulations, where the active agent is bound into a polymeric shell or matrix
  • Accredited testing of cytotoxicity, phototoxicity
  • In vitro investigating tanning/whitening effects

Valuable compounds from microalgae

Algae are a natural renewable resource producing a broad variety of basic chemical substances such as vitamins, fatty acids and carotenoids with high added value potential for the cosmetic and food industries. Fraunhofer IGB develops production processes and efficient extraction procedures.

Product-friendly pasteurization of extracts using PCT

Algae and plants contain a vast repository of high-value biochemicals. Our approach integrates gentle cell disruption by pressure change technology with controlled and continuous separation of valuable intracellular metabolites using high-pressure extraction and membrane separation technologies.

Customized core-shell particles for cosmetics

At Fraunhofer IGB the focus is on the design of the surface, e.g. by binding biological molecules, and on functionalizing the shell of particles, e.g. by loading with compounds for release applications.

Skin models – testing of phototoxicity, tanning and whitening agents

An accredited in-vitro test method at Fraunhofer IGB measures the phototoxic potential of substances or cosmetics. A skin model was advanced with the addition of pigmentation that enables the testing of self-tanning or whitening agents.