Medical Devices Meetings is an international BtoB Forum and the perfect platform to connect manufacturers of medical devices, their suppliers and service providers as well as research and development institutions through pre-planned one-to-one meetings. Hence, Fraunhofer IGB will present its range of services for medical technology and to address the requirements of potential customers in one-to-one meetings.


Our offer: Coatings and biomaterials for medical engineering

In the manufacture of medical devices, the properties of the materials used and the interaction between material and biological system play a decisive role.

  • Fraunhofer IGB develops bioactive and biocompatible materials for use in medicine and medical engineering, e.g. for stents, catheters and implants.
  • We test the biocompatibility of materials with an accredited test method according to DIN EN ISO 10993-5.
  • We investigate cell-material interactions and develop materials such as electrospun, biodegradable fibers or hydrogels, which are further developed into bio-inks for additive manufacturing of tissue models.
  • In addition to biological carriers, Fraunhofer IGB develops miniaturized tubes – as artificial delivery systems for larger tissue models.

Please do not hesitate to make a matchmaking appointment with us beforehand via the online portal or visit our presentations on Thursday, 9th of March (10.10 am and 10.45 am) to get in touch with us.