As the only trade fair, parts2clean lays its focus on parts and surface cleaning and thus offers just the right platform to find out about innovations in the cleaning industry and solutions for individual tasks.

At the booth of the Fraunhofer Cleaning Technology Alliance, visitors can gain insights along the entire process chain, from handling, cleaning processes and systems, analytics, clean room technology, quality assurance, preservation and packaging to special technologies and processes for cleaning in maintenance.


Topics of Fraunhofer IGB

  • Plasma cleaning and sterilization, UV technologies:
    • Ultra-fine cleaning of surfaces
    • Absolute absence of grease
    • Sterilization
    • Pyrogen-free
  • Plasma coating:
    • Easy-to-clean coating
    • Hydrophilization / hydrophobing
    • Wetting properties adjustment
    • Wear and corrosion protection
    • Tribology optimization
    • Anti-icing coatings
    • Bottle interior coating
  • Surface analysis:
    • Cleanliness analysis
    • Process control
    • Damage analysis