Pine needles.
Pine needles.

Laboratory for technical biopolymers

Development – Material Cycles – Trouble Shooting

The Laboratory for Technical Biopolymers is a project funded by the State of Bavaria and serves to support companies, especially SMEs, on their way to innovative and sustainable substances and materials as well as to resource-efficient processes. At Fraunhofer IGB, specialists from chemistry, biology and process engineering are working together on the project.

Our goal is the development of new bioplastics. Research focuses on the production of monomer building blocks from biomass, polymerization, material development and end-of-life scenarios. In this way, a cycle can be established and realized from the natural substance via the use of the manufactured materials back to nature.

New bio-based polyamides with transparent properties.
New bio-based polyamides with transparent properties.
Labor für technische Biopolymere: Drehscheibe für übergreifende Innovationen in der Polymerwelt.
Laboratory for Technical Biopolymers: hub for comprehensive innovations in the polymer world.

Equipment and services

Synthesis (up to 100 L)

Polymerization (laboratory scale)

Chromatography (GC-MS / HPLC-MS / GPC)

Structure determination (NMR / IR / XRD)

X-ray fluorescence analysis

Microscopy (REM / TEM)

Thermal analysis (DSC / TGA with sorption)

TOC analyzer


Solvent viscosimetry

Density determination

Extrusion (mini-compounding)

Injection molding with piston and screw plastification

Cutting mill

Drying oven


We support you in the fields of


Polymer and process engineering

Materials science

Biochemistry and biotechnology

Chemo, bio and electro catalysis


We support you in ...
Research and

Identification of suitable raw materials

Custom synthesis and screening

Small scale polymerization

Technology and feasability studies



Substance and material testing

Damage analysis and assessment




Circular economy


Analysis of microplastics


Identification of suitable funding scenarios

Support by project applications

Communication with grant authorities and partners