BioSurf – Novel Production Strategies for Biosurfactants

Terpenes as a source of raw materials for new biosurfactants

The aim of the “BioSurf” project is the increased substitution of petrochemically based surfactants by biosurfactants manu-factured on the basis of renewable resources. So as to insure sustainable production principles, the chain of value creation in the biosurfactant production is examined in its entirety. The key research objectives are the identifcation of new biosurfactants and/or new enzymes and microorganisms for new and more effcient biosurfactant production processes, under-standing the cellular regulatory processes of the biosurfactant synthesis and consistent metabolic engineering to optimize the production organisms.

Within the scope of this project BioCat has successfully developed enzymatic processes for the production of new terpene-based biosurfactants.

Project information

Project title

BioSurf – Novel Production Strategies for Biosurfactants


Project duration

June 1, 2009 – August 31, 2011


Coordinated by

  • Fraunhofer IGB


Project partners

  • Graz University of Technology (Austria)




The research leading to results in this project receives funding from the European Union's Seventh Framework Programme (ERA-IB10.039) under grant agreement n° 0315928A.


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