Biotechnological processes can be established economically and ecologically advantageous for the substance recycling along with waste treatment. The center of interest hereby is the use of anaerobic or substance producing aerobic microorganisms. The best known substance recycling process of organic materials such as bio-waste or sewage sludge (as a kind of residual bio-mass) is the recovery of biogas as a renewable energy source.

By integrating further appropriate process steps, additional value substances such as fertilizer salts (from nitrogen and phosphate ingredients of sludge, sludge water and waste) can be recovered.

Sludge Management on Sewage Treatment Plants

Our services in the area of sludge management on sewage treatment plants cover various aspects and range from solutions for filamentous bulking and foaming, to process adaptation from aerobic to anaerobic sludge stabilization, to digester design and optimization of digester operation. We are active in the municipal as well as the industrial sector and offer scientific consulting and innovative solutions for new and old challenges.

Efficient treatment of organic Wastes

Organic substances rich in solid material with variable composition are found in several locations and processes. The Fraunhofer IGB supplies customized, adapted solutions for the material and energetic use of by-products from the food industry and other organic material streams.

Nutrient removal or recovery from process waters and fermentation residues

In the anaerobic sludge treatment, nutrients often remain in the aqueous phase. These nutrients can be removed or recovered from the resulting process water through appropriate process steps.

Characterization of the anaerobic decomposition process in the environmental sector

The deeper understanding of the metabolic pathways of microorganisms influences the design of anaerobic digestion processes, including the identification of relevant operating parameters for biogas plants. The anaerobic metabolic activity is influenced both by the substrate and by the inoculum.

Biogas and Biomethane Production

Organic residues which cannot be otherwise used are especially appropriate for anaerobic decomposition resulting in the final product biogas (methane and carbon dioxide). Our services range from biomethanation potential tests in laboratory scale up to the cooperation with engineering companies aiming to deliver optimal solutions to the final user.