Environmental Biotechnology and Bioprocess Engineering

Range of services

  • Wastewater and water purification methods
  • Biotechnological purification processes and hybrid processes for industrial wastewater
  • Development of utilization concepts for both inorganic and organic residual materials
  • Development of regional-level system concepts for energy and water management
  • Digestion processes to produce biogas from a range of organic substrates
  • Development of photoautotrophic processes for microalgae and cyanobacteria in flat-panel airlift (FPA) reactors
  • Biotransformation of renewable raw materials and industrial waste materials into basic chemicals
  • Development of processes for the isolation, separation and purification of biotechnically manufactured products
  • Analysis of microbial contamination on surfaces and in processing media
  • Aerobic and anaerobic degradation tests
  • Fermentation tests according to the Association of German Engineers guideline VDI 4630
  • Bioleaching, biosorption and bioprecipitation to obtain metals from different process waters and waste streams, using various reactor configurations

Infrastructure and technical equipment

  • Pilot plant for environmental and bioprocess engineering applications
  • Bioreactors of various sizes (laboratory, pilot and technical scale)
  • Analytics for substrates and fermentation products, protein analytics
  • Mobile membrane bioreactors for wastewater treatment
  • Mobile pilot plants in m3-scale to generate basic engineering data in situ for the planning of innovative demonstration plants
  • Demonstration sites Knittlingen (DEUS 21); Stuttgart-Gaisburg (bioenergy); Reutlingen and Fraunhofer IGB (cultivation of algae); Franca, SP, Brazil (bioenergy)
  • Photobioreactors of various sizes for lab, outdoor and greenhouse applications
  • Test facilities for different membrane processes (e.g. rotating disk filtration)
  • Official approvals for handling pathogenic organisms
  • Special apparatuses for testing antimicrobially finished materials
  • Test facilities for cell disruption and extraction with supercritical fluids
  • GIS applications using the ESRI ARC-INFO software; process simulation and automation (MATLAB, Siemens programming)