Technical Microbiology

Fraunhofer IGB has a long tradition in the biotechnological processes nowadays collectively called white or industrial biotechnology. These methods are now used for the preparation of various industrial products, such as fine chemicals, bulk chemicals, enzymes, active compounds for cosmetics and pharmaceuticals, additives to food and animal feeds, and fuels. At Fraunhofer IGB, the Environmental Biotechnology and Bioprocess Engineering and the Molecular Biotechnology Departments work together to find R&D solutions in the field of industrial biotechnology.

Increased standards of product quality and a renaissance of natural materials for industrial applications require new and efficient production and processing methods. The Fraunhofer IGB develops solutions for optimized fermentation processes, for the isolation, separation and purification of (biotechnical) products and, in addition to this, offers the fermentative production in contract for its customers.

Fields of research

Anaerobic biotechnological processes

Gaseous substrates

Enzyme-technical processes

Real-time mass spectrometer

Production and recovery of metallic resources with biotechnological processes

Protein analytics and purification of proteins from fermentation broth or extracts