Technical microbiology


  • Market and technology analyses
  • Screening of gene libraries for desired enzymatic activities
  • Custom-made gene libraries for special requirements
  • Development of new high-throughput enzyme assays
  • Subcloning, sequencing, expression and characterization of new enzymes
  • Enzyme optimization, further development of new enzymes by evolutive design, in vitro enzyme engineering
  • Metabolic engineering of production strains
  • Enzyme purification in pilot plant scale
  • Strain and parameter screening in multi-fermenter systems
  • Development and optimization of bacterial and fungal fermentation processes from laboratory up to pilot-plant scale
  • Screening and development of photoautotrophic processes from laboratory up to pilot-plant scale for microalgae and cyanobacteria in flat panel airlift reactors
  • High-cell-density fermentations, also continuous operation, with cell recycling by filtration or immobilization
  • Processes for the production, isolation / separation and purification of biotechnical products and natural substances (carbohydrates, organic acids, fatty acids, proteins, enzymes, etc.)
  • Downstream processing technologies like filtration (micro-, ultra-, nano-), electrodialysis and other membrane processes, extraction, chromatographic methods (ion exchange, size exclusion, reversed-phase chromatography)
  • Scale-up of biotechnical processes
  • Fermentation up to 300 liters (non-GMP)