Interfacial Engineering and Materials Science

Range of services

  • Development of processes for the plasma modification of surfaces
  • Thin films as protective layers (scratch and corrosion protection), barriers against permeation, and for use as reservoirs for the targeted release of substances (formulations)
  • Functionalization of surfaces (chemical and biochemical)
  • Development and evaluation of plasma-cleaning and plasma-sterilization processes
  • Development of inks by using biomaterials to create biocompatible or bioactive printed structures
  • Synthesis and preparation of nanostructured materials with tailored surfaces
  • Novel formulations using core-shell particles
  • Characterization of nanoparticles, measurement of the particle sizes and particle size distribution by optical methods or in an electrical field
  • Development of membranes and membrane modules
  • Manufacturing and testing of membranes in pilot scale
  • Surface and layer characterization
  • Development of methods and plants
  • Scaling up of laboratory processes to produce thin films on large format surfaces and scaling of nanoparticle production for greater volumes

Infrastructure and technical equipment

  • Plasma reactors for cleaning, sterilization, coating and functionalization
  • Equipment for sputtering and parylene coating
  • Electron (SEM) and probe (AFM) microscopes
  • Equipment for the analysis of surfaces and thin films
  • Chemical-nanotechnical laboratories for the synthesis and preparation of nanostructured (bio)materials and surfaces
  • Pilot plants for the manufacturing and testing of membranes