Industrial biotechnology

Oil is getting more and more expensive and fossil stocks are being gradually depleted. An alternative is the use of renewable resources and sustainable manufacturing processes. In this context, the white or industrial biotechnology is gaining importance – producing(basic) chemicals with biotechnical or combined processes.

At Fraunhofer IGB, in the field of industrial biotechnology both departments of Molecular Biotechnology (MBT) and of Environmental Biotechnology and Bioprocess Engineering (UBT) are working together. Focus of MBT activities is the biotransformation process either by microorganisms or enzymes.

For more than ten years we are experienced in the screening of novel enzymes for industrial applications as well as in the optimization and production of these biocatalysts. Using this know-how the Fraunhofer IGB Screening Center has successfully performed several projects with companies from the chemical and pharmaceutical industry. Hereby, classical as well as modern screening methods were applied.