Cell-based Assays


  • Fast and easy qualitative and quantitative detection of pyrogens e.g. in medical devices, such as surgical instruments, catheters, implants and also intravenously administered drugs.
  • Screening for new agonists and antagonists of the immune receptors
  • Detection of individual ligands or combination of ligands with isolated PRRs

Reference projects

Screening for new immunmodulators – Discovery and Delivery of PRR antagonists and agonists to regulate innate immune reaction

Project duration: November 2012 – October 2015

The receptors of the innate immune system recognize not only conserved molecular patterns of infectious pathogens, but also isolated chemical structures (PAMPs, pathogen-associated molecular patterns), and are referred to as pattern recognition receptors (PRRs).

more info

Detection of pyrogens in purified human IgG (polyclonal) samples using a specific cell-based reporter gene assay for: Talecris Biotherapeutics Inc. 8368 US 70 West, Clayton, North Carolina 27520, USA


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