Physical Process Technology

The Department is involved in developing processes and process components based on physical and physico-chemical principles. A hallmark of our R&D activities is improving economic efficiency and sustainability of production processes at the same time – by minimizing material consumption, recovery of high-value substances in a quality equal to primary raw materials, and saving and reuse of energy.

Our customers are either manufacturers of process components, contractors, and process system suppliers, or industrial companies from sectors such as metal processing, the food industry, biotechnology and the supply of drinking water with a specific problem to be solved.


Expertise and technology offer

  • Thermo-chemical heat-storage (adsorptive and absorptive)
  • Evaporation and drying with super-heated-steam combined with winning of volatile fractions
  • Cell-desintegration and extraction with high-pressure technique
  • Chemo-physical water treatment (mechanical, electrolytic, photolytic)
  • Electrolytic and photolytic synthesis
  • Electrophoretic separation of substances
  • Primary / secondary winning of materials
  • Processes and techniques to recycle organic and inorganic products for agricultural applications
  • Stabilization of liquid food and biogenic products
  • Integration of the technologies into customized processes
  • Design, construction and operation of demonstrators

Fields of activity


Heat and Sorption Systems


Physico-chemical Water Technologies


Nutrient Management


Aseptic Technologies


Prototype Development