Physical Process Technology

The Physical Process Technology Department is involved in developing processes and process components based on physical and physical-chemical principles. Our customers are manufacturers of process components, contractors, and process system suppliers, and come from sectors such as metal processing, the food industry, biotechnology or the supply of drinking water.

Fields of activity


Heat and Sorption Systems


Physico-chemical Water Technologies


Nutrient Management


Aseptic Technologies


Prototype Development

Fraunhofer – Markets Beyond Tomorrow

To create a platform for meeting the challenges of the future, the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft has set up the internal Markets Beyond Tomorrow program. It focuses on identifying the problems that need to be addressed and what people expect from the research work involved. Here, too, Fraunhofer lets itself be guided by the needs of society: People need health, energy, communication, a healthy environment, mobility and security. In numerous projects, Fraunhofer is delivering the building blocks for solving future issues.