Plant and soil substrates

Plant protection for ecological farming

Reference projects

Soil improver from residues of olive oil production – En-X-Olive

The objective of the work package fertilizer recovery was to produce a compact organic soil improver from the digested residues of the olive oil mill industry. The digested residues were separated into their solid and liquid fractions and the solid fraction was dried and pelletized.

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Fertilizer pellets for organic farming with insect repellent activity

pellets with combined fertilizer-repellent properties for the organic farming of cabbage (grant agreement no 218467-2). The pellets consisted of dried digested manure with 0.1 percent dried cyanobacteria.

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Extraction of a plant strengthener

For another industrial client, the Fraunhofer IGB is studying the extraction of natural raw materials as plant strengtheners. Stability studies of the product will be carried out after finding the ideal extraction conditions.

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Bio-protection for healthy grapes – ProEcoWine

Project duration: November 2012 – October 2014

In the ProEcoWine project funded by the EU, on behalf of five companies the Fraunhofer IGB, the University of West Hungary and Laboratoire PHENOBIO develop a novel bio-plant protection product to replace copper fungicides.

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