Physical Process Technology

Range of services

Our development work on processes and process components extends from initial laboratory-scale characterization and analytics via simulation and software modeling to design and system integration in industrial applications. For developing and designing our technical solutions, we have access to the latest 3D CAD design software, which is directly linked by data interface to various numerical simulation programs. For standard modeling we use COMSOL Multiphysics® like the theoretical modeling of multi-phase processes such as the behavior of solid particles in a fluid flow. From the data thus gained we can proceed to realize demonstration prototypes using the many resources at our disposal – workshops, laboratories and pilot plant facilities, as well as a network of industrial partners.

Service portfolio

  • Process development carried out by an interdisciplinary team drawn from the areas of process, mechanical and chemical engineering
  • Design and operational specifications including characterization of automation algorithms, to enable industrial prototypes
  • Feasibility studies and preliminary investigations in laboratory and pilot-plant scale

Infrastructure and technical equipment

  • Laboratory systems for investigating the flocking and oxidation properties of industrial process water
  • Pilot plants for advanced oxidation processes (AOP)(electrophysical precipitation, ozone, hydrogen peroxide, UV radiation, ultrasound, anodal oxidation (direct/indirect), cathode reactions)
  • Mobile pilot plants for on-site feasibility investigations and demonstrations, for example for drying with overheated steam or for water treatment
  • Design and simulation software
    SolidWorks, COMSOL MultiPhysics®, Design-Expert Workstation