Non-Invasive Analysis of Cells and Tissues

Cell and tissue analysis for basic research, tissue engineering, regenerative medicine and test systems

The isolation and culture of cells from primary material (various tissues and species), differentiation and proliferation of pluripotent stem cells, construction of three-dimensional cell culture systems and the fields of tissue engineering and regenerative medicine are the expertise of the Fraunhofer IGB. We characterize cells with classical invasive methods such as histological and immuno-histological staining, but we have developed and adopted numerous non-invasive methods that allow for the continuous monitoring of cell culture and tissue on the molecular and morphological level. With over 20 years experience in cell culture, we are your partner for complex questions in regenerative medicine, tissue engineering and the development of cell-based assays for toxicology and biocompatibility.

Fields of Research

Flow cytometry - FACS sorting and characterization

Flow cytometry and imaging flow cytometry allow for the analysis and sorting of heterogeneous cell populations with antibody-coupled fluorescence dyes. Areas of application range from blood diagnostics, via cell transfection for the generation of cell lines and clone isolation to the identification of stem and precursor cell populations from a great variety of tissue types.