Human Tissue Models and Test Methods

3D Human Skin equivalent and test methods

Fraunhofer IGB offers a range of accredited test methods for applications in the fields of medicine, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics.

Patented three-dimensional skin model

It is based on our patented three-dimensional human skin equivalent (patent no. EP 1 290 145B1 ), which comes very close to the natural skin, with its two-layer structure

In vitro skin model for studying wound healing promoting substances or dressings

With another, also based on human cells skin model to soreness averaging processes can be analyzed in order to support the healing of skin injuries better medico can.

In vitro pigmented skin model
Our pigmented skin model is suited for the characterization of cosmetic and pharmaceutical substances that modulate the pigmentation of the skin. Typical test candidates are melanogenic, self-tanning agents, which are used to enhance the natural sun protection of the skin.

In vitro model for human squamous cell carcinoma
The model allows the investigation of new photosensitizing substances and their effects on healthy and diseased cells. Likewise, different irradiation protocols for photodynamic therapy can be developed and tested through comparative studies of various radiation sources.