Functional ingredients

This innovation field focuses on the customized production and processing of functional ingredients from microalgae and bacteria for the production of food and feed, cosmetics, biostimulants and biobased polymers. Processes based on CO2, methane and renewable resources are being developed for this purpose. By means of targeted process management, these processes can be transferred to pilot scale. For faster process development, new online analysis methods (real-time MS) and predictive models for control systems are used.

Furthermore, the focus is on processing technologies, such as the efficient extraction of carotenoids and omega-3 fatty acids with subcritical solvents and recovery of the individual components. New non-thermal processing methods (pasteurization and cell disruption) are used to obtain high-quality ingredients in food and contribute to a healthy diet. Thermal treatment (drying/torrefaction) of material flows with superheated steam and integration into a value-added chain will allow them to be processed more efficiently. Energy-efficient processes for the extraction of drinking and process water from air are designed for technical implementation.

Fields of activity and technologies

  • Process development for customized algae ingredients
  • Cell disruption and extraction with subcritical fluids
  • Pressure change technology (PCT) for food
  • Drying/torrefaction with superheated steam
  • Sorptive water extraction from air
  • Gas fermentation with methane
  • Real-time fermentation analysis with MS

Algae biotechnology


Food processing technology


Bioprocess engineering


Thermal separation processes