Enzyme-technical processes

Technical enzymes developed at Fraunhofer IGB are used, for example, to produce basic chemicals such as formaldehyde, methanol, formic acid and methyl formate from biogas. The intermediate product formaldehyde can be either produced chemically or by enzyme technology.

Reference projects

ECOX2 – Enzymatic and chemocatalytic oxidation cascade in the gas phase (2): Phenol from biogas

In the ECOX2 project, Fraunhofer IGB and its project partners are developing a chemocatalytic-biotechnical process to convert methane from biogas into phenol. The joint project follows on from the ECOX project, in which methanol and formic acid were successfully produced from methane using a combined chemo-enzymatic process.

Duration: July 2017 – June 2020


Enzymatic production of methanol and formic acid


The energetic use of biogas is efficient if the heat is used sensibly throughout the year, which is not the case with all biogas plants. For this reason, research has long been underway into ways of using biogas – which is made up of around 40 to 75 percent methane, 25 to 55 percent carbon dioxide and 10 percent water – as a material, for example to produce methanol.