Sensor coatings


The development of novel intelligent gas sensor and monitor systems for the material characterization of industrial processes and an operating concept derived from them go hand in hand with the advancing digitalization in various branches of industry.

Our offer: Selective sensor layers

Fraunhofer IGB develops sensor layers that are sensitive and selective for specific compounds and integrates them into the customer-specific sensor concept. For this purpose, we use established sensors on whose sensor-active layer we modify the surface in such a way that detection is possible more specifically and selectively by binding the target molecule.

Materials and processes used

We use, for example, specific polymers, metal-organic framework compounds, surface enlargements by low-pressure plasma processes, the integration of oxide nanoparticles or ionic liquids and adapt them to the selected measurement conditions.


  • Gas analysis
  • Detection of small molecules in production processes or waste water
  • Detection of biological components

Gas / liquid sensors

For detection of:

  • Environmental gases (NOx, SO2)
  • Volatile organic compounds (VOCs)
  • Other difficult to measure molecules



Biosensors and arrays

  • Biochips/microarrays
  • Immustick
  • RiFS