Customized core-shell particles

Core-shell particles are functional composite materials combining at least two different functions: those of the particle core and those of the particle surface or shell. In the preparation of particles, at the Fraunhofer IGB the focus is on the design of the surface, for example by binding biological molecules. However, the cores can also be given additional functions, e.g. by loading with dyes or drugs for drug release applications.

Fields of research

Functional particle cores

  • Inorganic core
  • Organic, biodegradable particles
  • Surfmer nanoparticles


Functional particle shells

  • Organic functional groups
  • Active ester surface
  • Click chemistry functions
  • Biofunctionalization


Particle synthesis

  • Particles through spray drying
  • Particles through polymerization processes
  • Particles through sol-gel methods