Advantages of plasma technologies, and properties of plasma produced films

Technological aspects of plasma treatment

  • final cleaning, activation and coating in a single technological step
  • three-dimensional substrates can be as well coated

Chemical aspects of plasma treatment

  • chemical diversity of film forming substances
  • no polymerization aids necessary
  • high cross-linking
  • it is possible to produce special functional groups on the surface, e. g.
  • hydroxyl
  • amine
  • aldehyd
  • carboxyl
  • grafting of larger molecules

Properties of plasma deposited films

  • good adhesion can be achieved
  • high homogeneity of film thickness and structure
  • surface and film properties can be varied in a wide range
  • films are pinhole-free at low thickness

Economical and ecological aspects of plasma treatment

  • low costs for raw materials and low running costs
  • low consumption of chemicals
  • solvents free, dry process
  • the used chemicals are kept in closed equipment