Lighthouse Projects and Strategic Initiatives

Fraunhofer Lighthouse Projects – Reducing Time to Market

Fraunhofer's lighthouse projects put the focus on strategic objectives with a view to developing practical solutions from which economies such as Germany’s can benefit. The topics these projects address are geared towards economic requirements. By pooling their expertise and involving industrial partners at an early stage, the Fraunhofer Institutes involved aim to turn original scientific ideas into marketable products as quickly as possible. Fraunhofer IGB is involved in the following lighthouse projects.

Fraunhofer System Research Morgenstadt

Through its "Morgenstadt" initiative, Fraunhofer is supporting the German federal government in implementing an innovative project entitled “The CO2-neutral, energy-efficient and climate-adapted city”, which is one of 10 projects selected to form part of the government’s High-Tech Strategy 2020. The challenge is not to optimize individual technologies, but rather to merge them together over the long term to create a fully integrated system in a sustainable city of the future. Fraunhofer IGB is involved with semi-decentralized water and energy management systems.

Innovation Network Morgenstadt

Fraunhofer Project Center for Drug Discovery and Delivery

The Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft is currently investing in deepening the research cooperation with Israel. At the heart of these activities is the foundation of a Project Center for Drug Discovery and Delivery at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem resulting from the "JRHDD – Joint Research Hub for Drug Discovery and Delivery” project currently funded by Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft and Hebrew University. The Project Center will be located at at the Hebrew University (IDR – Institute for Drug Research) and serve as a bilateral R&D platform for companies. The center is expected to be the international drug discovery and delivery innovation hub.

Project Center for Drug Discovery and Delivery

The Ultra-efficient Factory – Producing without Losses in a Livable Environment

In the "Ultra-efficient factory – Resource-efficient production without emissions in urban areas” project the Fraunhofer Institutes IPA, IAO, and IGB bundle forces, aiming to create an optimally designed factory that does not cause any environmental impacts and where the resources being used are processed without any losses.

The ultra-efficient factory

Fraunhofer Markets Beyond Tomorrow


To create a platform for meeting the challenges of the future, the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft set up the internal Markets Beyond Tomorrow program. It focused on identifying the problems that need to be addressed and what people expect from the research work involved, guided by the needs of society: People need health, energy, communication, a healthy environment, mobility and security. In the Molecular Sorting project Fraunhofer IGB succeeded in developing new technologies for the separation and processing of metals.  

Beyond Tomorrow Project "Molecular Sorting for Resource Efficiency"