Project Center for Drug Discovery and Delivery

The Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft is currently investing in deepening the research cooperation with Israel. At the heart of these activities is the foundation of a Project Center for Drug Discovery and Delivery at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem resulting from the "JRHDD – Joint Research Hub for Drug Discovery and Delivery” project currently funded by Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft and Hebrew University.

The Project Center will be located at at the Hebrew University (IDR – Institute for Drug Research) and serve as a bilateral R&D platform for companies. The center is expected to be the international drug discovery and delivery innovation hub.

Pharmaceutical focus: Viral infections and inflammatory disorders


The specific aim of the Project Center for Drug Discovery and Delivery by Fraunhofer IGB and the Institute of Drug Research (IDR), Faculty of Medicine, Hebrew University of Jerusalem is to perform joint collaborative research and to translate the novel findings in drug delivery and immune modulation to combat infections and inflammatory processes into industrial application.

We aim to combine two central ideas supporting the healing processes in infection and inflammatory diseases:

  • modulating the innate immunity by supporting clearance of invading pathogens or ameliorating the (auto-) inflammatory processes, and
  • targeted delivery of known and novel drugs to infected or pathologically modified tissues/cells.

Using this concept, we aim at stimulating the innate immunity effectively addressing infections in concert with novel drugs/genes delivered by targeted nanoparticles. In combination with known or novel drugs, which are developed in parallel a combined approach would be possible for several fields of application such as viral infections (HSV) and inflammatory associated disorders (sepsis, dermatological disorders including atopic dermatitis, psoriasis and lupus).


Previous collaboration

Since 2012, the Institute for Drug Research (IDR) of Hebrew University, Jerusalem and Fraunhofer IGB embarked on joint projects in the field of drug discovery and delivery which were funded by Fraunhofer and Hebrew University respectively. The synergistic expertise of both institutions and the promising results during this cooperation strongly suggest the reinforcement of the cooperation in the form of a Project Center.

Within the framework of this cooperation, the partners identified both HSV-1 inactivating compounds including liposomal nanoparticles (NP) delivery systems (antimicrobial peptides and siRNA) as well as navigator compounds targeting the formulations to neuronal cells. Furthermore, a set of highly potent TLR9 antagonists has been identified, with potential application in autoimmune diseases, like dermatitis and lupus as well as in viral pathologies.


Research and development

The Fraunhofer Project Center offers R&D services in the following fields:

  • Drug design and selection
  • Initial formulation and screening
  • Targeted delivery systems
  • Validation in complex 3D in vitro models
  • Validation in in vivo models, ADMET studies



PCDD@Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Prof. Gershon Golomb
Institute of Drug Research (IDR)
12065 Ein Kerem Medical Center
Jerusalem 9112001

Project duration

01/17 bis 12/20