Analysis, Characterization and Testing Services

Development also involves analysis and testing. Fraunhofer IGB has an extensive range of high-quality equipment designed to test components, materials, coatings and processes and to reproducibly demonstrate their levels of functionality, safety and reliability. We also offer contract testing services and issue test reports.


Physico-chemical analytics

  • quality control
  • food analysis
  • trace analysis
  • analysis of residues
  • environmental analytics
  • water analysis

High resolution 400 MHz NMR analytics

  • molecular structure elucidation
  • reaction monitoring
  • low temperature analytics

Surface and particle analysis

characterization of chemical, physical and morphological properties of

  • surfaces
  • thin layers
  • powders
  • particles

Cell-material interactions

  • testing of cytotoxicity/biocompatibility of R&D materials and industrial products
  • assessment of phototoxicity of substances and solutions

Cell biology analysis

  • cell characterization (also non-destructive)
  • flow cytometry

Protein and proteome analysis

  • protein analysis using MALDI-TOF/TOF mass spectrometry (also quantitative)
  • protein expression profiles

Next-generation sequencing

  • de novo sequencing of bacterial and fungal strains
  • analyses of transcription profiles
  • diagnostics (infections, COPD, etc...)

Microbial evaluation of surfaces

  • testing of antimicrobial effects
  • characterization of photocatalytic properties