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Organosolv-Lignin nach Fällung und Filtration auf der Filterpresse.

Lignin added value

In order to operate sustainable and economic biorefineries, the conversion of lignin into high-quality products is essential.

Based on this motivation, various processes for the modification and depolymerization of lignin are examined and scaled, which maintain or increase the structure and functionality of lignin. In this way, new, previously inaccessible aromatic structures with new functionalities and thus a new range of services are identified that can be used in a variety of industrial applications.

Reference projects


ALIGN – Biobased Aromatics from LIGNin

The aim of the project is to convert lignin into high-quality aromatic products with new functionalities and thus a new range of application areas. For this purpose, different processes for the extraction and depolymerization of lignin are investigated and scaled up, which preserve the structure and functionality of lignin.


KomBiChemPro – Fine and platform chemicals from wood

The aim of the joint project was to combine various activities for the material use of lignocellulose containing biomass in an integrated biorefinery concept. The most important aspect was the production of marketable and competitive products using robust processes and efficient process management.


Lignoplast – Building blocks from lignin

In this project, processes for the use of lignin as a raw material for polymers were investigated. The required aromatic compounds were obtained by means of hydrolytic degradation of lignin macromolecules  and then functionalized chemically and enzymatically to make adhesives, paints, polyurethanes and epoxides.