Inactivation of microorganisms for the decontamination of surfaces

Conventional methods for inactivating microorganisms are UV disinfection, ultrasonic disinfection and the filtration of liquids. At Fraunhofer IGB, scientists from interface technology and biology have been investigating alternative inactivation methods for microorganisms for years.


Plasma processes

One focus here is plasma sterilization. Using microbiological test methods, in which various polymeric materials were contaminated with microorganisms, the boundary conditions for a material-saving and effective sterilization effect could be determined.

More info: Inactivation of microorganisms with plasmas


UV treatment with excimer lamps

In the OVOSHINE project, Fraunhofer IGB has developed a further physical treatment method in which new excimer lamps are used for effective and rapid sterilization of egg shells.

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Electrochemical process

In current work, we are researching and developing an electrochemical process for the decontamination of surfaces.