Nutrient recovery

Range of services

Nutrient recovery

  • Chemical and physical characterization of raw materials and residues with regard to their nutrient content
  • Development of strategies and technologies for optimum recovery of nutrients and organic matter
  • Modelling of processes, statistical experiment design, laboratory experiments, reactor design and scale-up
  • Feasibility studies, including experimentation with our struvite plant and superheated steam dryer
  • Thermodynamic and kinetic analysis of the precipitation of different salts for the assessment of competitive reactions

Product studies

  • Stability and altering studies of liquid fertilizer according to CIPAC
  • Online particle measurement (1 µm – 2.5 mm) of nutrient crystals

Formulation and processing of fertilizers

  • Development of multicomponent fertilizers
  • Formulation and processing of multicomponent fertilizer from liquid and solid residues with repellent properties
  • Production of organic liquid fertilizer and plant strengtheners by means of extraction and suspension processes
  • Developing methods of separating, drying and pelletizing fertilizing agents