Physico-chemical water treatment

Range of services

  • Carrying out feasibility studies, market and technology analyses
  • Optimization and modification of thermal processes to increase efficiency
  • Customized developments in the field of thermal materials treatment
  • Scientific assessment, technical advice, studies on electrolytic and oxidative processes for water treatment
  • Comprehensive chemical and physical analyses to characterize process water
  • Pilot plants for:
  • Electro-physical precipitation
  • Ozone + / - hydrogen peroxide + / - catalysts
  • UV irradiation
  • Ultrasound
  • Anodic oxidation (direct / indirect), cathode reactions
  • Mobile prototype plants for on-site studies and trials
  • Development of plant technology including automation and scaling up to industrial size in cooperation with industrial partners
  • Process optimization for the treatment of water as well as viscous media, such as cooling lubricants, food products, sludges, and pastes
  • Integrated solutions by means of combination with aerobic and anaerobic biological processes
  • Combination with processes for desalination or the recovery of acids and bases
  • Process design and technical/scientific project support by an interdisciplinary team from the fields of process technology, mechanical engineering, environmental technology, chemistry, biology and electrical engineering

Infrastructure and technical equipment

Process water treatment by oxidative processes

Pilot plant for the development of oxidative processes for wastewater treatment:

  • an ozone generator (up to 4 g ozone/h),
  • an ozone reactor,
  • a UV reactor (2 kW medium-pressure mercury lamp),
  • ultrasonic units (25 kHz and 40 kHz; 1.7 kW)
  • an electrolysis cell (up to 50 A and 10 V) with separate anolyte and catholyte circuits (electrode surface 180 cm2 each)

Process water treatment by electrolytical processes

  • Extensive range of laboratory and pilot plant equipment with plants of up to 500 l/h flow rate

Process water treatment by thermal processes

  • Laboratory components for investigation of thermal separation processes
  • Pilot plant for concentration of (industry-)wastewater
  • Design and simulation software: SolidWorks, CST Microwave Studio, COMSOL MultiPhysics®, Design-Expert Workstation