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Welcome to Fraunhofer IGB

The Fraunhofer Institute for Interfacial Engineering and Biotechnology IGB offers R&D solutions in the fields of medicine, pharmacy, chemistry, the environment and energy. Our competences comprise Interfacial Engineering and Materials Science, Molecular Biotechnology, Physical Process Technology, Environmental Biotechnology and Bioprocess Engineering, as well as Tissue Engineering. We offer solutions from market analysis through research & development till the finished product.

Current issues

Fraunhofer IGB at IFAT trade fair

IFAT is the World's Leading Trade Fair for Water, Sewage, Waste and Raw Materials Management. From May 30 to June 3, 2016, Fraunhofer IGB will present current developments in advanced oxidation processes, desalination technologies, biological water treatment and nutrient recycling. For the first time, we will showcase our ePhos® process to precipitate ammonium and phosphate from wastewater through a purely electrochemical approach. We look forward to your visit at the Fraunhofer Water Alliance booth in Hall A5, booth 217/316.

Fraunhofer IGB at parts2clean fair

As the only trade fair in the world focusing exclusively on industrial parts and surface cleaning, parts2clean not only reflects today’s market in its entirety, but also offers lots of added value in terms of its parallel three-day forum. At the booth of the Fraunhofer Cleaning Technology Alliance (Hall 7, Booth B41), visitors will gain insights along the entire industrial process chain with Fraunhofer IGB presenting R&D services in plasma cleaning and sterilization, plasma coating and surface analysis.

Livestock manure provides mineral fertilizers and soil conditioners

In regions with intensive livestock production, manure management is a problem. Nevertheless manure can become a valuable resource when its components are recovered as specific fertilizers and soil conditioners. For a year now a pilot plant for the processing of livestock manure – constructed under the leadership of Fraunhofer IGB – has been producing mineral nitrogen and phosphate fertilizers as well as organic soil conditioners. On June 14, 2016 the partners of the EU project BioEcoSIM will present their results and give a live demonstration of the plant.

The product-friendly preservation of beverages – testing under hygienic conditions

Pressure change technology – PCT for short – makes it possible to preserve fruit juices as gently as possible and to extract valuable ingredients. Fraunhofer IGB has developed the process through to final industrial application. Apart from the food preservation applications, the experts also use the technology to obtain extracts and active ingredients from plant, microalgae and microbial cells. A research facility for the purpose of testing the technology under strict hygienic conditions is now in operation. This will be presented to specialists at a colloquium on June 21, 2016.

SteamBio enabling sustainable carbon for industry

To create a more secure and sustainable future we need to use carbon from nature: “biocarbon”; using it to create biodegradable bioplastics, other biochemicals and for renewable energy generation that is available when required. Steambio is a collaboration of eleven partners from industry and academia with a common purpose: to create a viable business based on superheated steam torrefaction of forestry and agricultural residues.

Fraunhofer IGB Annual Report 2015|16

The Fraunhofer IGB Annual Report 2015|16 is now available online. You can download the report from the institute’s website or easily and comfortably read it online as a flip page eBook. In the annual report you will learn about the latest events, activities and projects at Fraunhofer IGB and it provides an insight into the competences and business areas of the institute.

Tools for protecting drinking water

We place high demands on the quality of our drinking water. If pathogens or toxic substances found their way into the piping system, many people could become infected or injured very quickly. That’s why this risk must be kept low. To do this, experts at Fraunhofer IOSB have developed technologies for a comprehensive monitoring, early warning and emergency management system. Fraunhofer IGB is contributing its know-how in biosensor development.

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Events and Trade Fairs

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