Chemical processes

This field of work focuses on the process-technological development of chemical processes to produce biobased basic and fine chemicals for further processing in the chemical, pharmaceutical or food industries. In addition to new process concepts, the optimization of the resource and energy efficiency of existing processes also plays an important role here. Established processes can be adapted and optimized from the ecological and economic viewpoint. In doing this, we both consider biobased raw materials and also examine conventional processes for manufacturing petrochemical products.

Current issues

  • Oxidation of lignin to obtain monomer aromatic building blocks
  • Catalytic hydrogenation of glucose and beechwood hydrolyzate to obtain polyols
  • Metathesis of fatty acid esters to synthesise dicarboxylic acids
  • Base-catalytic cleavage of lignin to obtain aromatic platform chemicals
  • Dehydration of biobased alcohols to generate olefins in the gas phase and the compressed phase

Fraunhofer Hydrogen Lab Leuna

The Fraunhofer Hydrogen Lab at the Leuna chemical site is intended to link innovative technologies for the production of "green" hydrogen and its use in sustainable synthesis processes (e.g. for the conversion of carbon dioxide in platform chemicals and fuels) with an excellent infrastructure of gas pipelines and gas storage facilities.

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