Industrial biotechnology

The use of renewable raw materials and biogenic residues in sustainable production processes offers alternative solutions for chemistry based on fossil raw materials.

The aim of the Industrial Biotechnology Innovation Field is the development of biotechnological processes for the production of biobased fine and platform chemicals for further processing in the chemical industry or in branches such as cosmetics, cleaning agents and plastics or adhesives. Our functional ingredients from microalgae or the algae biomass are furthermore of interest for the nutrition and feed sector.

Material conversion with enzymes, microorganisms and microalgae

We primarily use monosaccharides, vegetable oils or other biobased extracts as raw materials for biotechnological conversion. We are concerned with screening for new, industrially usable enzymes and the optimized recombinant production of these enzymes. In addition, we use novel microorganisms as biocatalysts.

Furthermore, we develop processes for the customized production of a wide variety of products from microalgae and cyanobacteria in flat plate airlift reactors from laboratory to pilot scale. Current research projects focus on optimizing productivity and biomass yields, also using waste gas CO2 and liquid digestate.

Process development, optimization, scale-up

Processes are optimized with regard to influencing factors of substrates and culture media components and adapted for scale-up. Thus, in addition to development, a transfer of the new process concepts from laboratory to pilot plant scale (10,000 liters fermentation capacity) can be optimized.

Due to the wide range of equipment, up- and downstream processes can be carried out promptly. The similar constructed and well characterized bioreactors allow the scaling of processes according to various criteria up to industrial maturity.


Industrial Biotechnology

  • Bioprocess engineering
  • Bioprocess scale-up

Algae biotechnology

  • Process development and scale-up
  • Extraction of functional ingredients
  • Algae ingredients for plant protection
  • Nutrient recycling through algae cultiviation