Valuable materials from by-products and wastes of food production

The product-friendly, environmentally compatible and efficient extraction of functional components from biogenic raw materials or residues as well as intermediate products from agriculture and food production is a further research focus of the "Aseptic Technologies" working group.

For the re-utilization of both solid and liquid by-products and residues (e.g carrot peels or whey) from food production processes, we develop separation, extraction and concentration technologies in order to recover functional ingredients such as pigments, antioxidants, proteins and peptides for their use in food and cosmetic industries.


Our methods include the treatment of solid residues using microwave-assisted technologies for the rapid and efficient biomass disruption and extraction, as well as the direct recovery of valuable components from food-grade liquid effluents using electro-membrane filtration.

Reference projects

Development of Microwave Assisted Cell Disruption of Biomass and Extraction of Valuable Compounds – AMICREX


The project aims to develop an integrated process and reactor design for future industrial implementation, where by-products from agro industrial processes can be valorised by recovering high-value nonpolar components through a microwave intensified microemulsion extraction process.

Project duration: May 2015 – April 2017


Enhanced protein fractionation from protein sources for their use in special food applications – Whey2Food


By refining an electro-membrane process initially investigated at the University of Hohenheim, the Whey2Food project consortium is investigating how to obtain high-quality whey proteins fractions.


Project duration: November 2013 – October 2015