Innovation fields

Our society is facing great challenges. We need to ensure the supply of food, water, raw materials and energy to a growing world population as well as we are reinforcing our committment to improving medical care with personalized approaches. With the awareness of increasing resource consumption and climate change, the development and implementation of sustainable processes and products is therefore gaining in importance.  

Through our research, we want to contribute to solving these challenges. In doing so, we are guided by the principles of sustainability – meeting the needs of our society without endangering the opportunities of future generations. For large collaborative projects, we can draw on a network of cooperation partners, both other Fraunhofer Institutes and other research institutions. Our researchers have proven their know-how in the efficient handling of large projects on numerous occasions and will assist you in your efforts as well.


Cell and tissue technologies


In-vitro diagnostics


Virus-based technologies


Functional ingredients


Water technologies and resource recovery


Functional surfaces and materials


Regenerative resources


Industrial biotechnology


Sustainable catalytic processes


Bioinspired chemistry