Research – for Man and the Environment

Solving global problems such as tackling disease as well as securing the supply of water, raw materials and energy for every citizen of the planet, are the big challenges we face in the 21st century. Unrelenting population growth, escalating consumption of resources and rising global warming mean that the development and realization of sustainable processes and products is becoming ever more imperative.

Through our research and development we want to contribute to solving these challenges. Therefore our actions are oriented on the principle of sustainability, a concept which meets the needs of current generations without jeopardizing the options of future generations to satisfy their own needs.

Business areas

We develop products, processes and new technologies in our market-driven business fields "Health", "Chemistry and Process Industry" as well as "Environment and Energy" –  to assist you in translating research results directly to industrial implementation.


The basis for our research and development services lies in the technological expertises and know-how of our five departments and two branches of the institute.

Projects / Initiatives

In numerous international (i.e. EU-funded), national and Fraunhofer projects our departments are working together on an interdisciplinary basis.  

Services and equipment

We develop, implement and optimize processes, products and equipment for contractual partners from industry and the public sector. Here, you will find and overview of our service offer.