Smart health engineering and enabling technologies for precision medicine

The rapid increase in the acquisition and analysis of genome-wide data and the enormous potential for cell manipulation have led to the emergence of data-driven diagnostics and fundamentally new therapies, which already enables precision medicine – i.e., health care customized to the needs of the individual patient. At Fraunhofer IGB, our objective is to develop and enhance the enabling technologies required for precision medicine and thereby help improve the standard of medical care for patients while also reducing the costs of the health-care system.


Fraunhofer IGB is actively involved in the development of:

  • Innovative, nucleic acid-based diagnostic procedures, particularly in the field of high-throughput sequencing
  • Materials for medical devices
  • Human test systems for drug development
  • Viral vectors and their production
  • Quality-control systems for medical devices and drug development

Target markets

Fraunhofer IGB seeks to partner companies in the fields of diagnostics, medical engineering and drug development.