Facts and Figures


At the end of 2016, Fraunhofer IGB (in Stuttgart and its branches in Straubing, Würzburg, and Leuna) had a staff of 394 of which some 90 percent were scientific or technical employees. Women made up 55 percent of the total.

The Institute of Interfacial Process Engineering and Plasma Technology IGVP at the University of Stuttgart counted a staff of 75 as of December 31, 2016, predominantly scientists and doctoral students as well as technical staff and student research assistants. Women constituted 27 percent of the total.

The employees of Fraunhofer IGB, of its branches, and of IGVP work together closely and have very culturally diverse backgrounds, with 33 staff members coming from 25 different countries outside Germany.

Staff Members Fraunhofer IGB Number
Scientists 95
Technical staff 101
Doctoral students 2
Administrative and secretarial staff 39
Apprentices 13
Scholarship holders
Work students/ master students/ student apprentices 49
Student research assistants 95
Total 394
Staff Members  IGVP Number
Technical staff 13
Doctoral students
Administrative and secretarial stuff 4
Apprentices 5
Scholarship holders 9
Work students/ master students/ student apprentices (55)*
Student research assistants 1
Total 75
* academic theses at IGVP did not count as staff

Budget of Fraunhofer IGB

The total budget for 2016 amounted to 29.4 million euros, of which 26.5 million euros were allocated to the operational budget (personnel costs: 14.9 million euros; non-personnel costs: 11.6 million euros). A total of 2.9 million euros was spent on investments.

71.0 percent of the operational budget was financed from Fraunhofer IGB's own revenues generated from contract research projects. 32.5 percent of the Institute’s revenues came directly from industry