Virus-based technologies

The focus of this innovation field is on concepts and solutions for the use of viruses and phages for the targeted medical (prevention, therapy, diagnostics) or biotechnological application and biointelligent use. The services offer a range from genome engineering to process development for the production of viral agents in lab-scale.

One focus is the development of viruses into therapeutic agents. Oncolytic viruses, for example, represent promising and innovative cancer therapies. In the innovation field, a viral platform based on Herpes Simplex Virus 1 (HSV-1) has already been developed. The ability of viruses/viral vectors to transport genetic information into cells and anchor it there can be used in diverse ways, e.g. for cell and gene therapy.

Bacteriophages are attractive alternatives for combating antibiotic-resistant bacteria and can be used in a variety of technological ways, for example for the production of antibodies, as biointelligent actuators and sensors in fermentation or for the degradation of biofilms. In addition, within the innovation field we are developing virus-like particles as vaccines and for targeted drug delivery.

Fields of activity and technologies

  • Engineering of therapeutic viruses
  • Oncolytic viruses
  • Viral vectors (Cell and gene therapy)
  • Phage technology
  • Virus-like particles

Virus-based technologies


Therapeutic viruses

Understanding infection mechanisms of viruses, diagnosing them and developping approaches for targeted prevention (vaccines) and therapy (oncolytic viruses) are our central concerns.


Virus-like particles

The research group develops virus-based therapies. We provide virus-like particles with antigens for use as vaccines or develop them as vehicles for targeted drug delivery.



Bacteriophages are viruses that specifically and exclusively destroy bacteria. They can be used for therapeutic purposes, for bacterial diagnostics and to break down biofilms. We are dealing with the groundbreaking topic of their application-related use for targeted germ reduction.

Molecular diagnostics


Culture and detection of viruses

With our experience and infrastructure we offer the cultivation and production of selected viruses. For characterization and further investigation a number of assays are available.


PCR technologies

PCR-based technologies form the basis for rapid identification and quantification of pathogens. In particular, we develop multiplex PCR systems for the highly parallel detection of pathogens. On their basis, methods for the diagnosis of viruses, fungi and bacteria can be developed for customers from companies, hospitals and research institutions.


Array technologies

With many years of experience we develop microarrays based on nucleic acids or proteins as effective detection systems for pathogens of sepsis or skin infections, the detection of resistances or the diagnosis of respiratory diseases: from probe design to immobilization with contact printing methods.