Cell and tissue technologies

On the one hand, the innovation field focuses on the development and establishment of human in-vitro test models such as organ-on-chip platforms, 3D tissue models and cell-based 2D assays. On the other hand, those models are applied for the preclinical testing of drugs, the determination of toxicity and allergenicity of, e.g., cosmetics and chemicals, as well as for clinical applications in personalized medicine.

We have many years of expertise in the development of cell lines, for example to establish assays, the production of biologicals or the handling of (pathogenic) microorganisms. In addition, there is the interdisciplinary expertise and infrastructure for developing microphysiological organ-on-chip systems. Here, a wide variety of microstructuring approaches are combined with tissue engineering methods (based on stem and primary cells) to create physiologically relevant human tissue in microfluidic systems. An overarching focus is the integration of immune components into microphysiological tissues or reporter cell lines and the use of cell systems as biosensors.

Fields of activity and technologies

  • Organ-on-chip models
  • 3D skin model
  • 2D cell assay and cell line development
  • Customized microfluidic platforms
  • Biosensors
  • In vitro active substance and toxicity testing

Fields of research and developments


Organ-on-chip systems


Immune receptors and drug screening


Cell-based assays (GLP) for diagnostics, quality control, screening


3D skin models for infection research




Production cell lines