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From application-oriented basic research to the realization of innovative products and processes

Fraunhofer IGB is part of Europe’s largest organizsation for applied research. Dedicated scientists can utilize their full potential, starting with application-oriented fundamental research up to the realizing innovative products and applications. Our scientists work on a wide range of research projects that offer a high degree of responsibility and individual design scope.

Fraunhofer IGB is committed to excellence in its research activities and maintains close ties with institutions engaged in fundamental research. Networking focuses on national as well as international Universities and Colleges.

Innovative solutions through interdisciplinary cooperation 

Our overriding goal is the translation of scientific and engineering research results into similarly economically efficient and sustainable processes and products. More than ever, the success of new products and processes is dependent on interdisciplinary and constructive cooperation between science and engineering.

Experts in the fields of chemistry, physics, biology, and engineering work effectively together at Fraunhofer IGB, its branches at Leuna and Straubing, and our Stuttgart University IGVP partner institute.

Customers benefit from the synergies and multidisciplinary potential at our institute, which facilitate novel approaches and innovative solutions in areas such as diagnostics and medical engineering, industrial biotechnology, and environmental technologies.

Working with Fraunhofer

Fraunhofer offers a wide range of professional development opportunities and career paths and supports employees with tailored development, training and mentoring programs. Industry-related research work is often enough a springboard for a career in industry, and new technologies can be marketed via a spin-off. Through the connection to universities, however, an academic career is also open to scientists.

Equal opportunities

The aspect of equal opportunities for women and men in the workplace is an important corporate objective of the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft.

In the area of career development for example, Fraunhofer IGB supports female employees in applying for the "Fraunhofer TALENTA" program, which addresses different levels of career development in the three program lines start, speed up and excellence.

Work-life balance

To help employees balance family and career, we offer flexible working hours to a large extent and a childcare office at our Stuttgart site.


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Fraunhofer IGB is an active participant in numerous research networks. Cooperative ventures with universities and research institutes complement our own competence.


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