Infrared spectroscopy and microscopy (FT-IR)

IR spectrometer Vertex 70.
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IR spectrometer Vertex 70.

Infrared spectroscopy is a frequently used analytical method to obtain chemical information of a sample. It provides e.g. information about the functional groups of a molecule, the composition of molecular mixtures or the secondary structure of proteins.

IR spectroscopy enables the identification of polymers, pharmaceuticals or industrial chemicals; it can be used, for example, to detect impurities in substances.

Characteristic bands in the measured vibration spectrum can be used to quickly detect chemical constituents in the analyzed material.

Attenuated total reflection (ATR) has become a standard technique in recent decades. It is a fast and simple method, whether solid or liquid, organic or inorganic, and no complex preparation is required for most samples.

In FTIR microscopy, a fine aperture confines the IR beam and spatially resolved IR spectroscopic investigations are possible.

Measuring equipment

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FTIR Total system Vertex 70 Microscope.

A wide range of measuring accessories is available to examine samples of different types and compositions (solid, liquid, gaseous, pasty, powder).

FTIR Spectrometer Vertex 70


  • Room temperature DLaTGS detector
  • MCT detector, PV, liquid nitrogen cooled 12000 850 cm 1
  • ATR unit diamond with 1-fold reflection, (Bruker Platinum ATR)
  • ATR unit diamond with 3-fold reflection (DuraSamplIR)
  • Horizontal ATR unit with pressure, ZnSe and Ge crystal 45 ° (PIKE)
  • Horizontal ATR unit with dialysis attachment ZnSe and Ge ATR crystal (Bio ATR) for biological and medical application 5 80 °C temperable
  • grazing incidence 80 ° (PIKE)
  • DRIFT insert (PIKE EasyDiff) for diffuse reflectance measurements
  • Various inserts for transmission and reflection measurements

FTIR Microscope Hyperion 3000

µATR gold mirror reflection.
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µATR gold mirror reflection.


  • 4x glass objective for visual overview observation
  • 15x magnification objective, for measurements in reflection and transmission
  • 20x ATR objective with Ge and approx. 100 µm crystal area, can also be used in reflection
  • 15x GIR grazing light objective
  • FPA detector, photovoltaic MCT focal plane array detection system