Biomass fractionation

Digestion and fractionation processes for integrated use in biorefineries

The main objective is to establish processes for a biomass biorefinery in Germany and throughout Europe.

The focus is on

  • wood pulping and fractionation processes as  well as on
  • alternative processing lines for oilseeds.  

We develop the processes at laboratory scale and scale them up for transfer to pilot scale. In the field of biomass fractionation, we are developing new technologies and innovative processes for processing of wood and oilseeds to enable the holistic use of biomass, increase value creation and obtain high-value end products.

Biorefinery pilot plants at Fraunhofer CBP

The following links will take you directly to the corresponding pages on the website of the Fraunhofer Center for Chemical-Biotechnological Processes CBP, our institute branch in Leuna.


Lignocellulose biorefinery

For pulping of lignocellulosic raw materials and their fractionation into their basic chemical components, lignin and sugar or fiber, a specially developed integrated pilot plant is available that enables pulping with organic solvents under increased pressures and temperatures, the so-called Organosolv technology.


Oilseed biorefinery

The oilseed biorefinery uses the mild EthaNa process for processing oilseeds, which is performed at ambient pressure and a maximum of 70°C to avoid protein denaturation and other quality-reducing reactions. The process enables a holistic utilization of the raw materials and provides product fractions with higher quality compared to conventional industrial processes.