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Innovations at Interfaces – Welcome to Fraunhofer IGB

The Fraunhofer Institute for Interfacial Engineering and Biotechnology IGB develops and optimizes processes, products and technologies in the business fields of health, chemistry and process industry, as well as environment and energy. We combine the highest scientific standards with professional know-how in our competence areas – always with a view to economic efficiency and sustainability. Our strengths are offering complete solutions from the laboratory to the pilot scale. Customers also benefit from the cooperation between our five R&D departments in Stuttgart and the institute branches located in Leuna and Straubing.


Producing vaccines without the use of chemicals

Producing vaccines is a tricky task – especially in the case of inactivated vaccines, in which pathogens must be killed without altering their structure. Until now, this task has generally involved the use of toxic chemicals. Now, however, an innovative new technology developed by Fraunhofer researchers – the first solution of its kind – will use electron beams to produce inactivated vaccines quickly, reproducibly and without the use of chemicals.
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InnoTour 2018: Australian researchers exploring German healthcare sector

Friday, 9th November 2018 was the last day of InnoTour 2018, a five-day tour leading 16 Australian researchers and innovators to different institutions and companies of the German healthcare research sector. InnoTour was organised by Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft within the initiative InnoHealth Australia. Presenting the large portfolio of applied research and corporate landscape, InnoTour 2018 could contribute to the network between German and Australian actors. Thus, first joint project approaches have been identified – in basic and applied research as well as in the industrial sector. The Australian scientists were also guests at Fraunhofer IGB.
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European Organ-On-Chip Society launched

During the third International Organ-on-Chip Symposium, held on 8 and 9 November 2018 in Eindhoven, the European Organ-on-Chip Society (EUROoCS) was officially launched. The Society aims to encourage and develop Organ-on-Chip research towards a better health for everyone. Membership is open from 2019 to all researchers in the field, and gives access to the upcoming digital Organ-on-Chip platform and the future Journal of the Society. Peter Loskill from Fraunhofer IGB is one of the first board members.
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Producing everyday products with fungi

Most detergents, cosmetics, and clothes, to name just a few products, are manufactured using petroleum, making such everyday items anything but eco-friendly. It is now possible to produce the bio-based and CO2-neutral basic chemicals for such articles with the help of fungi. Fraunhofer research teams are developing fermentation techniques and manufacturing processes to produce them on an industrial scale.
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Fair | March 12–14, 2019, Düsseldorf

Energy Storage

Fraunhofer IGB will present the topics of sorptive heat storage and chemical energy storage at the Fraunhofer booth H33 in hall 8B.

Fair | March 12–14, 2019, München

ICE europe

Visit us in hall 5, booth 1174. We will show barrier coatings, oil, water, dirt or ice repellent coatings and biobased formulations for multifunctional coatings, which can also be produced in roll-to-roll processes.

Fair | April 1–5, 2019, Hanover

Hannover Messe

You will find us at the Fraunhofer booth Digital Solutions and New Materials in hall 6, booth A30.

Symposium | April 9–10, 2019, Stuttgart

3rd Joint Symposium on Nanotechnology

The Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft and the German Federal Institute for Risk Assessment BfR invite you to their third Joint Symposium on Nanotechnology in spring 2019.


BioFAA – Bio isobutene derived fuel additives

In the Bio-FAA project, biobased isobutene was successfully converted into fuels for the first time.


Hydrophobic proteins for surface functionalization

Bio-based hydrophobins give textiles water- and dirt-repellent properties – without harmful chemicals.


Membrane adsorbers for the separation of micropollutants

Mixed matrix membranes can not only filter water, but also adsorptively bind dissolved substances.


Brazilian vehicle fleet drives on bio-methane from sewage plant

In the city of Franca, digester gases from the wastewater treatment plant are purified to the quality of biomethane and used as fuel.

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