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Fraunhofer Solution Days #WeKnowSolutions

Presentation. Inspiration. Vision. Meet us at the Health topic day, October 28, 2020.

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Innovations for foresight value creation for the implementation of sustainability goals, taking into account ecology, society and economy.

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Infections – Prevention, diagnostics, drug development

Technologies for sterilization and vaccine development; technologies for detection of viruses, bacteria and fungi; bacteriophages and test systems for drug development.

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Annual Report 2019/20

Highlights of our current research and the Annual Report 2019/20 as ePaper and for download.

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We combine biology and engineering

More than ever, innovative processes call for the constructive interplay of previously separate technical disciplines in a systems approach. The institute works at the interface between biology and engineering, especially in biotechnology and bioengineering, but also through the interaction of biological systems with technical materials.

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Novel polyamides from biogenic waste stream

The terpene 3-carene is a waste stream from pulp production. IGB researchers use the residual materials as raw materials for biobased plastics with outstanding properties: They have produced amorphous Caramid-R® and semi-crystalline Caramid-S® using a recently patented process.

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Retina-on-a-chip provides powerful tool for studying eye disease

New technology that recreates some of the complexity of the human retina may help scientists study eye disease and screen for drug side effects that harm the eye.

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Catalysts for climate protection

How can we achieve the internationally agreed climate targets? New catalysts, technologies and processes make the greenhouse gas CO2 usable: as a raw material for the production of chemicals, fuels or chemical energy storage systems. This reduces net CO2 emissions and also conserves fossil resources.

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Biological Transformation

Sustainable industrial value creation through the use of biological principles, systems and biotechnological processes

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Our contribution to the Nexus of Water – Energy – Food – Raw materials

Sustainability through integrated resource management

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We combine biology and engineering

What can we do to conserve natural resources and protect the climate? How can we assure an equitable supply of food, water, and raw materials to the world’s growing population? And what can we do to improve the accuracy of diagnostic methods used to detect diseases, provide affordable drug testing, and develop personalized medicine for an ageing society?

Fraunhofer IGB develops processes, technologies and products for health, sustainable chemistry and the environment. For this, we rely on the combination of biotechnological and process engineering competencies in order to contribute to human well-being, a sustainable economy and an intact environment with the systems approach of bioeconomy and bioinspired, biointegrated and biointelligent solutions.

We provide our customers with end-to-end solutions, from the laboratory to pilot-scale applications, accompanied by a wide range of analysis and testing services.


COVID-19 pandemic – important information on cooperation


Researching together

Our contribution to corona research and what we can do together with you against infections – from prevention, to diagnosis and drug development.


Bio2Brain set to develop effective drug delivery to central nervous system

20 project partners from academia and industry have joined forces in the Bio2Brain network to investigate efficient administration routes of biopharmaceuticals for the treatment of disorders of the central nervous system (CNS). The challenge is an endogenous defence system that normally protects the CNS from unwanted substances. The downside, however, is that commercial or even potential drugs cannot readily cross this barrier. In order to respond to this challenge, the Bio2Brain network will pursue more effective approaches and develop new paradigms for drug delivery technologies in the treatment of CNS diseases.
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Infection diagnostics 3.0: Faster thanks to nanopore sequencing

To ensure that sepsis patients receive appropriate antibiotics as quickly as possible, Fraunhofer IGB researchers have developed a diagnostic procedure that uses high-throughput sequencing of blood samples and delivers results much faster than conventional culture-based techniques. Thanks to the latest single-molecule sequencing techniques, this process has now been further improved so that pathogens can be identified after just a few hours. The basic methodology is currently being tested in a multi-center study with several hundred patients.
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European TRIANKLE project will develop 3D bioprinted personalised scaffolds for tissue regeneration of ankle joint

The TRIANKLE research consortium composed of 12 partners from 5 European countries and counts with a EU funding of €5.9M will provide fabrication of personalized implants for injured tendons or cartilages. Fraunhofer IGB will formulate and develop collagen- and gelatine-based bio-inks needed for 3D printing the personalised implants while the IGVP at the University of Stuttgart will research the bio-ink crosslinking chemistry and 3D-printing of bio-inks.
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Fraunhofer Solution Days #WeKnowSolutions

Presentation. Inspiration. Vision: The digital Fraunhofer event in autumn 2020. Look forward to current technology highlights, workshops and live chats with our experts. Because knowledge creates perspectives. On Wednesday, October 28, 2020, Fraunhofer IGB will present next-generation diagnostics and cell-based test systems.
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Online Meet & Match | December 3, 2020

Meet & Match 2020 on Immuno-oncology

Presentations, matchmaking pitches, networking sessions | Prof. Bailer will be present | Registration deadline: November 13, 2020


South Africa: Solutions against water scarcity

Strategic partnership: Fraunhofer Innovation Platform for the Water-Energy-Food Nexus at Stellenbosch University has been established.


Green hydrogen in Morocco

German-Moroccan cooperation on hydrogen technologies: IGB involved in the development of a demonstration plant for the production of green ammonia.


Roll-to-roll processes

Network R2RNet bundles expertise for the continuous functionalization of surfaces.



C19 lung chip

Drug repurposing using a COVID-19 infection model in an immunocompetent lung-on-chip platform.

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