Therapeutic viruses

The Infection Biology and Array Technologies working group also develops virus-based therapies. Virus-like particles (VLP) are bio-based capsules that mimic viruses. The VLP's surface can be equipped with antigens, thus enabling the application of VLPs as a vaccine. Alternatively, VLPs provide a vehicle for targeted "drug delivery".

The production of virus variants by genome engineering methods such as bacterial artifical chromosome (BAC) is another expertise of the working group.


Reference projects#

MAVO MEGA – Functional membranes for save and energy efficient gas separation


So far, the industrial use of technical separation membranes has been largely set to liquid filtration and less to gas separation. In the MEGA project, mixed‑matrix membranes were developed at the Fraunhofer IGB in cooperation with three other Fraunhofer institutes, which have great potential for gas separation due to their improved separation properties compared to pure polymer coatings.


Duration: January 2017 – December 2019