Cooperation models – ways of working together

One-off contracts – R&D on behalf of industry and public institutions

Team Meeting.
Review of documents.

The classic model of cooperation: A company perceives a need for research or development – for example it wants to launch an innovative product, improve a method or technique, or optimize a production process.

From first contact to contract proposal

A discussion with Fraunhofer IGB identifies possible solutions and clarifies the form the partnership could take and the estimated cost for the R&D or analysis order resulting in a contract proposal. Confidentiality is our uppermost concern, inquiries will be kept strictly confidential. If requested, we will sign a non-disclosure agreement before receiving any confidential information from you.

Contracts and agreements

Reliable and fair contractual terms for customers are the utmost priority. Our scientists and engineers are supported by an experienced contract department within the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft.

Project management

Fraunhofer IGB researchers have plenty of experience in running projects efficiently and fairly. Our R&D is subject to careful and continuous assessment in terms of time and costs and geared towards a successful conclusion of the project.


As a further service for customers, Fraunhofer IGB offers training for staff with regard to the introduction of new processes and technologies. The training may take place at the customer´s premises.

Joint research – Projects with multiple partners

Forscher im Labor.

Some challenges are so complex that they require multiple partners to develop a solution. In this case, it is possible to incorporate other Fraunhofer Institutes and external partners such as universities or additional companies from our partners network.  

Funding possibilities

We know how to check what government funding is available: With many years of experience in applying for funding from the European Union, the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) or other grant donors we support our customers in finding suitbable research and development funding programs.

Project coordination

Our scientists and engineers are experienced in the coordination of complex joint projects and of strategic lighthouse projects. This means that we can also assume administrative and coordinative tasks and ensure accurate communication between the joint project partners.

International cooperations

As an active participant in numerous international networks Fraunhofer IGB is internationally active in the EU and beyond. With the aim of expanding our scientific excellence and economic value, we have strategic contacts with Brazil, USA, Israel, China, and Australia.

At Fraunhofer IGB, internationalization is led by creative people who collaborate with others to contribute to sustainable development based on excellent research. This is also reflected in the high number of international emloyees at the institute. Many Fraunhofer IGB staff have international experience and sophisticated cultural and language skills, and they are personally familiar with global markets.

Strategic partnerships – Providing technical facilities

At the Fraunhofer CBP in Leuna, the Global Bioenergies S.A. company has built a demonstration plant that for the first time produces isobutene from renewable raw materials instead of petroleum.

Fraunhofer is determined to foster promising new technologies. Pre-competitive research which starts off without any ties to specific development contracts often results in long-term partnerships with companies. The Fraunhofer Center for Chemical-Biotechnological Processes CBP in Leuna is an example for this. By providing infrastructure and technical facilities it enables partners from research and industry to develop and scale up processes for the utilization of raw materials to production-relevant dimensions.