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Biosurfactants are »Bioproduct Day Favourite«

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The World BioEconomy Forum chose Dr. Susanne Zibek's research area Biosurfactants as the "Bioproduct Day Favourite".

The World BioEconomy Forum used the social media campaign for "World Bioproduct Day" on July 7, 2022, to draw attention to the role and importance of biobased products and their potential to replace conventional fossil-based products. Researchers were able to apply with their own ideas, products, projects and research work to be presented as part of the campaign. The World BioEconomy Forum selected Dr. Susanne Zibek's research area Biosurfactants as "Bioproduct Day Favourite". The project will be presented at the World BioEconomy Forum, which will be held September 7-8, 2022. The campaign partners also selected the RoKKa project led by Dr.-Ing. Marius Mohr as a winner.

Biosurfactants from renewable raw materials

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